Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall into Fall

When I was teaching in Korea a couple of years ago, one of the units I taught to more than one class was "seasons and months". It was my job to come up with little activities and lessons related to the seasons, weather and months. One of these little projects was for the students to do an illustration of themselves enjoying their favourite season. It was a simple task and involved art, so naturally I would also complete the assignment as the students worked on theirs. It was then that I realized Fall is my favourite season. I like Fall/Autumn for a few different reasons.

1) The Fashion- I love sweaters and scarves. Don't even get me started on light jackets. <3
2) The Coolness- As much as I love summer, I dislike being too hot. I hate to sweat and feel sticky-icky. So the cool breezes of Fall feel great.
3) The Colours- Walking during Autumn is amazing. Yellows, Oranges and Reds naturally occuring and constantly changing.
4) Christmas Looming- As Fall comes to a close, the only thing on my mind is Christmas. The anticipation of the amazing holiday is usually better than the actual day itself.

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