Free Smiles

Putting on a pair of pants (or jacket) that you haven't worn in awhile and finding money in the pocket :)
Seeing very old people holding hands and walking merrily :)
Dogs playing :)
Thinking of a song and then hearing it on the radio shortly after :)
Driving around to look at Christmas lights :)
Getting an email from an old friend :)
Kids who act like they know everything :)
Seeing pictures in clouds :)
Old people riding bikes :)
Warm rain :)
Laughing until your abs hurt :)
Driving fast with the windows down on a sunny day :)
Pretending you don't already know the punch line to a joke someone is telling you :)
Cleaning your room and finding old toys from your childhood that you had forgotten about :)
Looking at the clock as you wake up and realizing you can sleep for much longer :)
Singing along to your favourite cartoon theme song :)