Sunday, October 10, 2010


Thanksgiving again, but this year it's a bit more special because the date is 10/10/10!!! OMG!
Anyways.....Thanksgiving is a great holiday! Not only do we get to stuff our faces with turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie, but we also get to remind ourselves and each other of why we are thankful for everything in our lives.
I also like Thanksgiving because it's such a family holiday. It's a time to get together with your family and just enjoy each other's company. My family and I ate lots of yummy food, listened to music and played an interesting board game called "The Settlers of Catan". It was our first time playing and I was victorious! I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes a bit of strategy and a bit of luck. It takes awhile to get through the instructions, but once you get going the game is not too difficult. I think it will make another appearance at Christmas time.

So, on this day, here are the  top 10 things I am thankful for:
1) Family
2) Friends
3) Being a Canadian citizen
4) Health
5) My home
6) My dogs
7) Comedy
8) Education
9) Nature

I am thankful for so many more little things in everyday life, but that top ten list covers the major things that I am happy I don't have to live without.

Oh...and I am thankful that Michael and Kevin were not eliminated on The Amazing Race tonight! :)

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