Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Julia Stiles, No thanks.

Julia Stiles. is. the. worst.
I was so disappointed when she joined Dexter this season. Apparently she will appear in 10 episodes, which I hope does not extend.
As an actress, I think she just plain stinks. I also find something about her voice irksome. I feel like she is just (like so many) a pretty girl who is not the right kind of pretty for modeling, but looks pretty enough on TV and in magazines, so therefore; is an actress.

Anyways, aside from my already formed negative opinion of her, I also found Sunday's episode of Dexter very awkward. When Julia Stiles and Michael C. Hall are having conversations at the diner, it is as if their scenes were filmed at different times. Did anyone else notice how choppy and awkward these scenes were? I even noticed that Michael C. Hall's hair changed between shots, which makes me believe it was another person entirely sitting across from her. Why do directors do this? Are actors really that busy that they have to film scenes in which they appear sitting across from each other, seperately?

Though I know this is not Julia Stiles' fault, I still contribute it to my dislike for her. I just really hope she doesn't ruin Dexter like she does most things.
To her credit, I can say she was fine in 10 Things I Hate About You. I absolutely love that movie. I think "Teenage Angst" might be the only acting class she ever mastered.

PS. Did you know there is a (cancelled) television show called "10 Things I Hate About You", based on the exact same premise of the movie? Can't anyone come up with original ideas anymore? Remakes of movies, movies based on TV shows and now TV shows based on movies? Just try something different. Or make shows/movies that are based on great books. Those usually work well. (Dexter, True Blood, Harry Potter...). Oh, and please do not ever again create a show based on a Twitter account. Shit My Dad Says, is shit my dad won't even watch.

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