Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Amazing Race

Sunday is family dinner night and as a result my family and I gather around to watch The Amazing Race together after dinner. This year we decided to make things more interesting by choosing which teams we think will win and putting $5 into the pot. Each of us has two teams picked and the eventual winner will take the $20 pot.
My first choice was Michael & Kevin, because let's face it, I love Asians. My second team is Chad & Stephanie, who I believe will do quite well if Chad gets his temper in order.

Mom's teams are: Nat & Kat, and Gary & Mallory.

Dad's teams are: Connor & Jonathan, and Katie & Rachel.

Mike's teams are: Brook & Claire, and Jill & Thomas

Also, if you missed last week's episode and the hilarious watermelon incident. Click here.
I am happy that she wasn't hurt and thus we can all laugh hysterically at this truly once in a lifetime incident.

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  1. Brook and Claire eh? I didn't even know their names; they're just the watermelon-face team. I still don't know if it's Brook or Claire that is watermelon-face.